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If you are reading this, rest assured you are either an aspirant, a friend, a critic or a competitor. We at Learningroots cater to the first type. We help unravel the mysteries of prep and customize it to suit the needs of the aspirant.

We understand that there is more to an entrance test than simply learning basics of English and Math. If you have visited other avenues, you would have been fed with the information that an entrance test is extremely crack-able and you need to have strong basics to crack it. WRONG! Trust us, it is not that straightforward and we know how to tackle the additional part.

Our USP is our team and the exposure we have had across domains (you would meet ex-Career Launcher, Pagalguy, Accenture, TAS, ITC, Great Place to Work, SEBI, JJ Hospital, National level quizzers, a doctor, a science grad, and an engineer; we have work experience across Education & mentoring, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Strategy, HR, and Operations; who were CII national level event panelists, placement coordinators, media cell associates, etc. all this in a team of three).

The team

Shashank Prabhu

Dr. Shashank Prabhu

A doctor by qualification (who maintains that he IS saving a lot of lives by not practising), Shashank has completed his MBA from FMS, Delhi. He has a happy knack of cracking entrance tests and helping aspirants do so, the highlight being a 100%ile in the CAT 2011. He believes in being able to crack any problem using minimal technical interventions and you would find him designing “elegant” solutions to questions.

He has worked with ITC Ltd., TAS and PaGaLGuY.com donning various hats and has been mentoring aspirants since the past five years. When he is not designing “uncrackable” questions, or being a big (literally!) Bollywood buff, he can be seen pondering over his Kindle or reading obscure facts and fun(?) trivia. Always available for a friendly chat over a cup of coffee!

Sriram Krishnan

Sriram is fondly called The God of the team! It’s easy to be blown away by the sheer intellect he possesses. An alumnus of JBIMS and having worked across strategy, finance, media and IT roles, Sriram has a string of 99.5+ CAT scores and a 99.99 %ile in CET. Lightning fast with puzzles and teasers, he is the brain of the team and makes problems look incredibly easy.

Always on the lookout for learning new stuff, he is sure to rub his enthusiasm on to those who interact with him. Gunning for the epitome of the memory world, he is an avid reader (Alistair MacLean fans, anyone?); calling him simply a quiz enthusiast would mean playing down the achievements of being the CII Inquizzite winner, NHRD Quiz winner, being national runner up of Mahindra AQ, and Mumbai champion of Tata Crucible.

Prasad Sawant

Prasad believes that every CAT aspirant deserves mentorship and that an able mentor can make an individual’s career. An MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai with a 99.99 %ile in CET, he is currently putting his entrepreneurial skills gained through his SYB programme from SP Jain to good use by combining it with his lifelong passion for teaching and mentoring.

Incredibly humble and helpful, he has mentored hundreds of aspirants in the past who vouch by his name. He has been a faculty with Career Launcher, a senior consultant with Great Place to Work and is a certified interviewer. When he is not burning boards through his speed math techniques, he can be found winning quizzing laurels, the highlight being the national champion of CII Inquizzite and the NHRD Quiz.

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