Interview Preparation

Whether you are applying for your first job straight out of college, or appearing for a campus placement process during MBA, or a working professional contemplating a new role outside, you will end up appearing for an interview or a round of interviews. Interview preparation is extremely technical and with right preparation and practice, one can ace interviews and grab the dream job.

Our interview preparation service includes:

1. Psychometric assessments to identify strengths and areas of improvements
This helps the candidate understand his or her strengths and areas of improvements. These assessments provide direct answers to ‘tell me your strengths/improvements’ questions and coupling them with examples show your preparedness as a candidate.

2. Specialization test
If you are in the first year of MBA and have not decided specialization, or planning for MBA in future, this test helps you understand specializations that are more suitable to you.

3. CV review
A good resume immediately separates you from the crowd. From formatting to choice of words, our critical review will help you draft a CV that shines.

4. Answers review
We make you work. We don’t believe in giving you shortcuts because there aren’t any. Get a list of questions (created for you after going through your CV) and write answers. We go through each and every answer written by you and tell you what can be improved.

5. Mock interview + feedback
The last step of our offering is the mock interview followed by valuable feedback. Taken by experienced panel, this simulation prepares you for the final interview.

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