TISS GK Preparation Series: GK is a very important section for TISS especially since the verbal and the quant sections are relatively easy. Hence, getting a good score in GK can easily be the difference between getting a TISS call and not getting one. To help you ace this section, we are starting a series of articles devoted to topics commonly asked in the TISS GK section. We hope that this will help you in your preparation. Every article will also be available in PDF format. Here is our #5 article in this series: Indian History – Famous Wars / Battles.

We have already written one article on Indian History. Here is another – listing down all the major wars/battles along with the victors and the vanquished.

Sr. No. Battle/War Year Place Winner Loser
1 Battle of Hydaspes 326 BC Hydaspes (Jhelum River) Alexander Porus
2 Battle of Tarain 1191 AD Tarain Prithviraj Chauhan Mohammad Ghori
3 1st Battle of Panipat 1526 AD Panipat Babar Ibrahim Lodi
4 Battle of Khanwa 1527 AD Khanwa Babar Rana Sanga
5 2nd Battle of Panipat 1556 AD Panipat Akbar Hemu
6 Battle of Madras 1746 AD Madras French East India Company British East India Company
7 Siege of Arcot 1751 AD Arcot British East India Company Nawab of Arcot, French East India Company
8 Battle of Plassey 1757 AD Plassey Robert Clive Nawab Siraj-ud-daulah
9 3rd Battle of Panipat 1761 AD Panipat Ahmad Shah Abdali Marathas
10 Battle of Buxar 1764 AD Buxar Hector Munro Combined armies of Nawab Mir Qasim, Nawab Shuja-ud-daulah and Shah Alam
11 Siege of Seringapatam 1792 AD Seringapatam Maratha Empire, Nizam of Hyderabad and British East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
12 Battle of Imphal 1944 Imphal UK and British India Empire of Japan


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