TISS GK Preparation Series: GK is a very important section for TISS especially since the verbal and the quant sections are relatively easy. Hence, getting a good score in GK can easily be the difference between getting a TISS call and not getting one. To help you ace this section, we are starting a series of articles devoted to topics commonly asked in the TISS GK section. We hope that this will help you in your preparation. Every article will also be available in PDF format. Here is our #1 article in this series: Dams and Rivers.

‘Dams and Rivers’ is a commonly tested area in TISSNET and other competitive exams. There was, in fact, a question asked on the river corresponding to Baglihar dam a couple of years back. Here is the list of the important dams and the rivers on which they are built.

Sr. No. Dam River
1 Bhakra Satluj
2 Baglihar Chenab
3 Tehri Bhagirathi
4 Nagarjuna Sagar Krishna
5 Bansagar Sone
6 Hirakud Mahanadi
7 Sardar Sarovar Narmada
8 Indirasagar Narmada
9 Bhavanisagar Bhavani
10 Idukki Periyar
11 Mettur Kaveri
12 Srisailam Krishna
13 Koyna Koyna
14 Tungabhadra Tungabhadra
15 Mullaperiyar Periya
16 Pong Beas
17 Nathpa Satluj
18 Rana Pratap Sagar Chambal
19 Chemera Ravi
20 Rangit Teesta
21 Lakhwar Yamuna
22 Ranjit Sagar Ravi


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