4 must do things to kick start your GDPI prep

The calls have started to flow in and many of you would be wondering how to start your GD, PI, Essay, WAT preparation to convert your IIM call (also a few others including XLRI, FMS, IITs, MDI, NITIE, IIFT, SIBM, SCMHRD, NMIMS, etc.). This article would serve as a starting point to make sure that you kick start your preparation in full flow without simply floundering around, trying to read random stuff and trying hard to ‘introspect’ without a direction.

First of all, it depends on whether you have a fair background in GDPI or not. If you have a strong CV and are fairly good with introspection and communication, you can indeed do stuff on your own with an occasional input from someone. If you are preparing on your own, you can start off by doing these four things.


How to start your GD, PI, Essay, WAT, preparation

Get to know the important global happenings in the last one year and have a nice background on each one of them. I had maintained a book with a page of stats and information on each topic. Also add a few generic topics to be covered (literacy, corruption, pollution, your domain, an industry you are interested in, etc.). There would be a few handbooks available online for free (including one from our side which would come out soon). You can use them to form a nice base for either core topics or as examples.


How to start your GD, PI, Essay, WAT, preparation

Write a long CV with all your accomplishments, big or small, certified or otherwise under the heads personal info (starting with your name, your place of origin, your family background, formative years, etc.), academic details (right from school days to your graduation), co-curricular achievements (school subjects, college subjects, other co-curriculars, etc.), details on certifications if any, internships/projects, work experience, extracurricular details, hobbies and interests. Once you are done, drill into each line of your CV for three areas: self, immediate and global.

Self refers to an immediate impact of the activity and would involve the reason, the process and the outcome. Immediate refers to the impact on the people directly connected to the activity whereas, global would throw some light on the impact on the society/community/etc. essentially people not directly connected to the core activity but still impacted by it.


How to start your GD, PI, Essay, WAT, preparation

You can easily find a list of common interview questions online. Typically there are not more than 20 odd questions that you would need to prepare. Go through each and every question and write down what you feel about each of them and discuss the answers with either your parents, siblings or close friends to get insights before you show it to someone who can review them for impact, flow, consistency, content, etc. It is advisable to write it down simply because one tends to get carried away when one is thinking which might lead to confusion or sometimes even a tinge of overconfidence. This part is probably the one that creates the highest impact when it comes to interview processes. Professionally, there would be very little to differentiate between two quality aspirants so, we would advise you to take this part extremely seriously.


How to start your GD, PI, Essay, WAT, preparation

Institute level prep will be again different from the aforementioned things. That you can do by going through past year interviews and/or discussion with education observers or students.

These are recommended only for people with previous experience when it comes to interview-taking and appearing in GDs. If you have little idea about the various intricacies of the process and the kind of cross questioning that an institute delves into, we would strongly recommend you the Learningroots GD PI batch in Mumbai. There are limited seats (15 in number) which would be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so, kindly fill the form to indicate your interest.


For those of who you have GDPI calls from B-schools, you can check out the various activities on our Facebook group. Also check out our GDPI blog here.

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