GD PI WAT Topics Handbook

GD PI WAT Topics Handbook

To help you prepare for your GD PI WAT process, we have prepared a comprehensive handbook of the important current affairs topics. We have combed various sources and have picked out the best article under each topic. Feel free to share this compendium with others if you find this useful.

Download the handbook here: GD PI WAT Topics Handbook

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The handbook contains articles on these topics:

  1. GST
  2. Juvenile Justice Bill
  3. Digital India
  4. Net Neutrality
  5. ISIS
  6. China currency devaluation
  7. Volkswagen ethics
  8. Make in India
  9. Greek Debt Crisis
  10. Swachh Bharat
  11. Odd even formula in Delhi
  12. Start up India
  13. Bullet train
  14. UN Climate talks Paris COP21
  15. One Rank One Pension
  16. India’s bid for permanent membership to UNSC
  17. Syrian Crisis
  18. Amravati, the new state capital
  19. Oil Prices: What’s behind the drop?
  20. Payment Banks
  21. Smart Cities
  22. World Economic Forum – Davos
  23. India – Statistics

We have also made a compendium of 250+ GD PI experiences compendium. In case you have not downloaded the compendium yet, you can do so here: 250+ GD PI experiences compendium


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Boost your CAT 2016 preparation by joining this group (for serious aspirants only)

All the best!

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