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The interview season fever has started with people preparing hard to convert the calls. While it is practically impossible to exactly predict what your interview would look like, there is always a learning associated when you go through the experiences of other candidates. We have compiled a list of 250+ interview experiences that we found online for your use.

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Few things we would like to clarify.

This document is meant to be used to get an idea of the institute level processes when it comes to the Group Discussion, Written Ability Test, Group Task/Exercise, and Personal Interview stage. We have compiled all the experiences that we believe would add value to a call-getter’s prep. The 250 interview experiences are all penned by the candidates who had appeared for the processes. Wherever possible, we have added the outcome of the interview as well. The sources of these interviews include, Quora, personal blogs and other websites which have been mentioned.

  • We take no responsibility for any factual errors with regard to the answers or the profile. The experiences have been taken as they were with minimal formatting and cleansing to allow for a better reading experience.
  • A good way to use this document would be to understand a basic flow of the GDPIWAT process and figure out the strategies and pitfalls that help you enhance your candidature. We would strongly suggest you do not blame/criticize the experience but learn from each one of them.
  • Most of the interviews have been written with the reader in mind and are painstakingly detailed. However, there are certain aspects that one cannot replicate in a post – tone, body language, overall attitude, appearance, enunciation, etc. which heavily impact an interview. So, we recommend that you use these experiences to understand the content part of the interview only.
  • There are some trends that are visible across the experiences of a particular institute (for example: IIM Calcutta focuses a bit on quantitative ability, NITIE considers your graduation projects a bit and so on). But, we strongly recommend that you go through the other institute processes as well so as to get an idea of the kind of questions you could expect.
  • If you have no clue as to how to start preparing for your interview, you can go through the XLRI, Jamshedpur interview number 30 (page 463)

Finally, this document is not meant to be sold in any form. This document is a simple consolidation of the public posts that are there on the www and so, not for any commercial gain whatsoever.

You can download this document by clicking on this link:

GDPI Essay Experiences compendium

If you find this document to be useful or think that someone might benefit from it, please feel free to share it.

Also download a compendium of the relevant GD PI WAT topics here: Comprehensive GD PI WAT Topics Handbook

Boost your CAT 2016 preparation by joining this group (for serious aspirants only)

All the best with your GD PI processes. Do write to us on if you would like any help with your interview processes or if you want us to take a mock interview.

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