Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learningroots about? Who are the brains behind such awesomeness?

You can learn all about us and check out our credentials here.

How much do you charge for your online content?

If you would have browsed the website, you would have figured out by now that all this content is free to use.

Can I copy the content available here and circulate it?

Why copy something that is already free? You can let people know about this site and they can see for themselves the sheer value and volume that you get here in an organized manner.

What about the tests and mocks?

At the moment, the tests and mocks are free. Rest assured that they are of extremely high quality unlike any other free product you have seen. We believe in quality and frankly speaking (Not the Arnab Goswami one!) if you haven’t gone through our content, you are missing out on a very important part of your prep journey.

If everything is free, why should I come to your classes?

Fair point! However, we believe that the technology has not really gone to that level that simulates one-to-one teaching and mentoring. Video making is pretty easy and once you have the script, rehearsals, a fine editor and sometimes simple voiceovers do the trick. Classroom on the other hand has a lot of impromptu insights and Eureka! moments which cannot possibly be a part of a video or a webinar. Don’t trust us? Attend a demo lecture and see for yourself.

Why do you have videos then?

The questions don’t stop coming do they? Videos are to introduce you to a concept/a question type/an insight/a strategy and so on. If you are disciplined and have the basics in place and are not really looking for a full-time prep companion to guide you, these will benefit you the most.

The institute next door sent a gazillion people to an IIM. What did you do?

If you go to the door next to the next door, you will see the same gazillion people going to an IIM from another institute. Let us answer that question with another question (and no, this is not the Pappu question): *rant begins* Can anyone of these guarantee you a seat inside an IIM? What is the nature of these students (classroom, test series, free sessions, workshop, simple queries, or paid) who have made them proud? Were they the sole difference-creators for these aspirants? Do you know who the faculty will be and if that person will be with you throughout your prep journey? Do you think that all the faculty members will remember your name at the end of the programme? Yada, yada, yada *end of rant*

In short, yes, we have played a part in our students’ successes many of whom vouch by our names and are still in touch with us. We have helped people (almost a gazillion) get into IIMs, Banks, awesome jobs and profiles, etc. If you have been to either of PaGaLGuY or Quora or FB or any other social networking platform, you will find us there. At the end of the day, it matters how much of an effort you are ready to put in. It is very difficult to get into a good institute/land up a good job if there is a lack of effort. You put in effort and we make sure that it is channeled perfectly.

PS: The above rant was not meant to demean all the institutes. We have some awesome friends who are really making a difference to the lives of candidates and we appreciate them. The sneaky ones are those you need to worry about. Go figure who they are!

I want to enroll for your classroom programme. What should I do?

Simple! If you have made up your mind on joining us, you can enroll yourself by clicking on the respective link on the homepage. Welcome to awesomeness!

I would like to contribute to you through an article/question/video. Is there a way I can do it?

Surely. You can get in touch with us and we can take it up from there.

Are you planning to come to other cities as well for the classroom programme?

At the moment, we are running full-fledged batches out of Mumbai only. If you want a session/workshop to be conducted at your institute, you can get in touch with us and we can take it up from there. We would love to come over and interact with your students. We have delivered sessions on CAT prep at institutes such as SRCC, DTU, Ramjas College, IIT Guwahati and so on.

Are you hiring?

Formally, no. However, you can drop your CV to with your details and a short write-up about why would you like to join us and we will get in touch with you.

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