Keeping in mind the amount of practice required to crack MBA CET, I have created a preparation plan for CET 2018. CET 2018 might be conducted on the 10th or 11th of March 2018. That gives you about 60 days to prepare from now. If you stick to this plan, you will be putting in about 200 hours of preparation with more than 6000 solved questions.

How to start your MBA CET preparation?

Do watch this video, in case you haven’t done it already. I have covered all that you need to do in the next two months and before you begin your preparation.

How to use the preparation plan?

You can edit the date and the day depending on when you start the plan. So, if you are starting today with Speed Calculation, you will spend about an hour studying concepts of the topic. You might take 30 minutes or more than an hour to learn these concepts.

From every topic, you need to solve at least 25 questions of various types. These questions can be solved without any time limit to get a firm grasp of the subject. Once you are done, you can time yourself for 30 minutes and solve 40 questions from the topic. You might not be able to do the whole set and if that happens, after the stipulated 30 minutes, sit for more time and solve the remaining questions.

Every Thursday and Sunday, you will be taking a full length mock and analyzing it completely. In the next 60 days, with this plan in place, you should be able to do 16 full length mocks (16*200 = 3200 Questions) which is good enough. If you want to take more mocks, you can add them to the plan. It is important to analyze each and every mock and keep a track of your progress.

For practice questions, you can use any material that’s available with you. It can be coaching institute material or books which are readily available in the market.

MBA CET 2018 Preparation Plan

Date Day Area Topic
02/01/18 Tuesday Quant Speed Calculation
03/01/18 Wednesday Quant Numbers, Divisibility Tests, LCM HCF
04/01/18 Thursday Quant Percentages and Averages
05/01/18 Friday Quant Ratio Proportion Variation
06/01/18 Saturday Quant Profit Loss Discount
07/01/18 Sunday Mock Mock 1 + Quant Revision
08/01/18 Monday Verbal Fill in the blanks
09/01/18 Tuesday Quant Mixtures Solutions Alligation
10/01/18 Wednesday Verbal Reading Comprehension
11/01/18 Thursday Mock Mock 2 + Verbal Revision
12/01/18 Friday Verbal Strong and Weak Arguments
13/01/18 Saturday Quant Basic Algebra & Factorial
14/01/18 Sunday Mock Mock 3 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
15/01/18 Monday Quant Geometry
16/01/18 Tuesday Quant Mensuration
17/01/18 Wednesday Verbal Assumptions, Inferences and Conclusions
18/01/18 Thursday Mock Mock 4 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
19/01/18 Friday Verbal Sentence Correction
20/01/18 Saturday Quant Simple Interest Compound Interest
21/01/18 Sunday Mock Mock 5 + Quant Revision
22/01/18 Monday Quant Time Work Pipes Cisterns
23/01/18 Tuesday Logic & Reasoning Syllogism
24/01/18 Wednesday Logic & Reasoning Visual Reasoning 1
25/01/18 Thursday Mock Mock 6 + Verbal Revision
26/01/18 Friday Quant Time Speed Distance
27/01/18 Saturday Data Interpretation Data Interpretation 1
28/01/18 Sunday Mock Mock 7 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
29/01/18 Monday Logic & Reasoning LR – Linear arrangements
30/01/18 Tuesday Logic & Reasoning LR – Circular arrangements
31/01/18 Wednesday Data Interpretation Data Interpretation 2
01/02/18 Thursday Mock Mock 8 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
02/02/18 Friday Quant P&C Probability
03/02/18 Saturday Logic & Reasoning Blood Relations Family Tree
04/02/18 Sunday Mock Mock 9 + Quant Revision
05/02/18 Monday Verbal Cause and effect
06/02/18 Tuesday Verbal Probably True Probably False
07/02/18 Wednesday Data Interpretation Visual Reasoning 2
08/02/18 Thursday Mock Mock 10 + Verbal Revision
09/02/18 Friday Verbal Courses of Action
10/02/18 Saturday Logic & Reasoning Coding Decoding
11/02/18 Sunday Mock Mock 11 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
12/02/18 Monday Quant Stocks and Shares
13/02/18 Tuesday Quant Indices Surds Logarithms
14/02/18 Wednesday Logic & Reasoning Analogy
15/02/18 Thursday Mock Mock 12 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
16/02/18 Friday Quant Calendars and Clocks
17/02/18 Saturday Logic & Reasoning Data Interpretation 3
18/02/18 Sunday Mock Mock 13 + Quant Revision
19/02/18 Monday Logic & Reasoning Input Output
20/02/18 Tuesday Data Interpretation Data Sufficiency
21/02/18 Wednesday Verbal Parajumbles
22/02/18 Thursday Mock Mock 14 + Verbal Revision
23/02/18 Friday Logic & Reasoning Odd man out (Numeric, Alphanumeric)
24/02/18 Saturday Logic & Reasoning Series (Numeric, Alphanumeric)
25/02/18 Sunday Mock Mock 15 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
26/02/18 Monday Logic & Reasoning Word Formation, Logical Sequencing of words
27/02/18 Tuesday Logic & Reasoning Recruitment Questions
28/02/18 Wednesday Logic & Reasoning Visual Reasoning 3
01/03/18 Thursday Mock Mock 16 + Logic & Reasoning Revision
02/03/18 Friday Logic & Reasoning Visual Reasoning 4

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We will be posting videos, questions, and share useful resources and information regarding MBA CET 2018 in the coming days on the website as well as our group. Do get in touch with us in case you have any queries!

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