Whether you’ve taken CET before and want that final push or just starting to prepare for CET 2017, you need preparation support, quality material and mocks, and expert feedback on your performance. As always, this is the time of the year when we start our CET crash course. This time, we have added more mocks and videos to our regular features and this is something that a serious aspirant just can’t miss. And guess what, we are offering super discounts for past CET takers!

MBA CET 2017 crash course

We are launching our MBA CET 2017 crash batch on Saturday, the 14th of January. The batches will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis so hurry and register yourselves here. Enroll yourself to get a learning experience that transcends the conventional textbook, solve-question-get-answer process and gives you the psychological edge when it comes to cracking CET in addition to the numerous shortcuts and speed enhancement techniques that worked for us.

Features of the course:

  1. 30 classroom sessions (14th January to 26th February) = 45 hours
  2. Access to 52 live sessions covering all the concepts (watch as per your convenience) = 65 hours
  3. Access to 20 full length mocks (no fixed slots. Take mocks when you want) = 4000 questions
  4. Classroom notes = 2000 questions
  5. Sessions conducted by Shashank Prabhu (CET 2010 & CET 2016 – Rank 1, 99.99 percentile), Sriram Krishnan (CET 2011 – Rank 5, 99.99 percentile), and Prasad Sawant (CET 2009 – Rank 9, 99.99 percentile)

The only institute in the country that has only CET 99.99%ilers as faculty!

Fees & Discounts for past MBA CET takers:

Course fees: 8000 INR (7000 INR for students who enroll before 12th of January)
If you’ve more than 95 percentile in CET 2016/2015: 5000 INR
If you’ve more than 90 but less than 95 percentile in CET 2016/2015: 6000 INR

MBA CET has seen quite a few changes over the last few years with regard to the fluctuation in the level of difficulty and introduction of new question types. What better way to keep up with the changes than to enhance your preparation in the company of serial MBA CET toppers (including a rank 1 in MBA CET 2016)?

For any queries, get in touch with us on +91-9969789521 or drop us a mail on contact@learningroots.in.

To enroll in our CET 2017 Crash Course in Mumbai: Enroll here

You can read a few more of our students’ testimonials here. Check out our other courseware by clicking on this link.

Can’t join us in Mumbai? Do check our CET 2017 online course and CET 2017 mocks. Happy learning!

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