If you are following CAP rounds of CET 2016 and MBA/MMS 2016-18 admission process, you must be working on your document verification at Facilitation Centres (formerly known as ARC) and must be gearing up for the CAP (Centralized Admission Process) rounds. Looks like (and I will share enough evidence so that this article does not get discarded as incredible) there won’t be a counselling round this time! If you’ve put all your faith in the past process and counselling round, and if you’ve survived the shock of what you just read, go on.

CAP round

Important Document: DTE notification dated 6 May 2016 [ARC Letter]

As per this document,

  1. There will be total 4 CAP rounds which are based on the computerized allotment only. There will be no counseling round.
  2. The Institutes which were working as ARC till 2015-16 for the respective admissions henceforth will be called as Facilitation Centres (FC) for the respective admissions. There is no change in the role of the FC.
  3. Government, Government aided, Government Autonomous, University departments, University managed Institutes, which are to be newly identified, will be operating as admission reporting centre henceforth will be called as Admission Reporting Centre (ARC).
  4. Kindly note that all candidates shall report for confirmation of final admission at the allotted institute only after the end of CAP round IV.


On the 5th page of the document, at the bottom of the page, it also mentions that FCs and ARCs were supposed to complete a few formalities to be included in the FC/ARC list by 9 May 2016. Another document, which is in line with this was uploaded on the DTE MBA 2016 website which talks about CAP round 4 (the document is common to all the entrance tests that come under the purview of the DTE. Refer page 18)

CAP round 4

It also says that During the CAP, before accepting the allotted seat in Round I, II and III, a Candidate can select the choice of ‘Freeze’, ‘Slide’ or ‘Float’ for subsequent round(s), if any, of seat allocation, as provided below:

(a) Freeze: Candidates accept the offered seat and they do not want to participate in any further rounds of seat allocation. Such Candidates will not be considered in subsequent rounds of admission;
(b) Slide: Candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to the academic program of higher preference is offered within the same Institution, they will accept it. Such Candidates will be considered in subsequent rounds of admission;
(c) Float: Candidates accept the offered seat and indicate that, if admission to an academic program of higher preference in any Institution is offered, they will accept it. Else, they will continue with the currently accepted academic program. Such Candidates will be considered in subsequent rounds of admission.

This is too much to take. Few immediate things to do:

  1. Go through following documents: Information brochure, Notification, Document verification notification,
  2. Go to your nearest Facilitation Centres and complete your document verification before 3rd of June 2016. List of Facilitation Centres
  3. After the final merit list is displayed, figure out your realistic options and keep a list of options ready with you. In short, don’t depend on counselling round to save you.

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