In the middle of all the speculations around JBIMS 2017-19 admission process, a letter from the official board of JBIMS to the alumni network was a pleasant surprise! JBIMS will have a GD PI process this time, the way it had for the 2015-17 batch. Though the institute has not announced it officially on the website and the exact process has not been declared, we thought it will be a good idea to share this information with you and put an end to all the rumors.


JBIMS gained an autonomous status within the University of Mumbai ecosystem in July 2014. Though there was a hiccup and a brief delay, the Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr Sanjay Deshmukh, recently ratified the autonomy and appointed the following members to the first Board of Management:

Ajay Piramal (Chairman of the Board), Anand Patwardhan, Chanda Kochhar, C.R Chavan, Kavita Laghate, Niraj Bajaj, Noshir Kaka, Stephen D’Silva, and Uday Kotak.

Autonomy allows the institute complete academic as well as administrative independence. The institute can now add new courses as well as modify the curriculum as per the needs of the industry and society, prescribe rules of admission, different methods of evaluations, effectively raise and use funds, develop better infrastructure, and forge partnerships with international institutions.

JBIMS 2017-19 process

The mail also talks about the 2017-19 admission process. Here is a snapshot:


What should aspirants do?

As JBIMS admitted students completely on the basis of written test for the 2016-18 batch, this process will be a shock to a lot of aspirants who were hoping to get in purely on the basis of their aptitude test performance. However, as Mr Piramal has pointed out in the mail, the best global b-schools don’t rely on one particular aspect but look for overall personality and ‘culture fit’ when it comes to admitting students.

This gives candidates a good opportunity to prove themselves. This also means that the cutoff to get a call will be lower compared to insane 99.9+ score required in the written test earlier. It also means that other tests such as MAT, CMAT, ATMA will not be accepted though DTE will mostly continue accepting these scores for the all India seats.

For now, you need not worry or panic. The official notification should be out any time soon and only then the process will start. Do check our how to prepare for JBIMS GA WAT PI post which we had written for the 2015-17 batch. It will give you a fair idea as to what you can expect this time. Also, check the shortlisting process for the JBIMS 2015-17 batch here JBIMS Selection Process

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