With only ten days to go for CET 2017, we thought of developing something for all the aspirants. So, we are offering you a tool that can help you decide the order in which you should attempt your CET. Needless to say, we trust in math but strategy is not a rigid thing. A difficult paper (CET 2016) or a ridiculously easy paper (CET 2015) might throw you off guard and you need to be prepared for such scenarios. Hence, we suggest that you use this to confirm if your strategy is fine or try the suggested order in a few mocks before finalizing your strategy.

Step 1: Download the excel sheet here. Learningroots CET attempt order calculator

Step 2: Input your sectional time taken, attempts, and correctly answered questions for all the sections in the sheet. You can put data for upto 20 full length mocks that you’ve taken. If you didn’t attempt a particular section in a mock, keep it blank.

CET 2017

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find suggested order. For example: AR 4, LR 2, QA 3, and VA 1. This means that based on your scores, you should attempt VA, then LR, then QA, and keep AR as the last section.

Hope this helps! Stay tuned for all the CET 2017 action and do join our CET 2017 Facebook group. Do check out our CET 2016 analysis read here and CET 2016 result analysis read here. All the best!

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