After successfully completing the CAT 2016 sprint series and the SNAP 2016 sprint series, we are back with the XAT 2017 sprint preparation series – Verbal 4 to boost your prep. This series will consist of 10 sets of questions from past year XAT papers, leading to XAT 2017 and covered almost all the question types that you needed to know come the 8th of January.


XAT 2017 sprint preparation series – Verbal 4


Answer question 1 on the basis of the following conversation between two friends, Paradox (P) and Herodox (H)

P: The human body is but the tomb of the soul and the visible world of matter is appearance that must be overcome if we are to know reality. The former is an integral part of “being”, that which can neither come into existence nor cease to exist for it always is. Being is unmoved and undistributed. Motion and disturbance belong to the realm of “becoming”, the changing world of unreality rather than of “being” in which true reality resides. Further, motion & change by belonging to the realm of “becoming” by having no separate existence of their own are logically inconsistent with reality and hence, unworthy of serious study.

H: All things are in a state of perpetual flux. Permanence, and by extension, the concept of “being” is only an illusion. This change and continual transformation, through an often disorderly process of conflict and survival of the fittest, is the underlying principle at work in the universe. It is from this principle that all things come into existence, and forms the basis for the morals and governance patterns that attempt to preserve the social thread of societies. By extension, the study of human activity through the lens of an idealized state of “being” and as a basis for formulating moral codes of conduct is inappropriate at best.

1.Which of the following statements best represents an implication of Herodox’s ideas?

A.Religion and other approaches that stress on maintaining and developing the purity of the human soul are subjects that do not merit serious attention
B.The setting of moral standards and codes of governance have to be more procedure- oriented with a focus on the way humans conduct themselves in their interactions with each other
C.Maintaining a balance between various constituents of the society and conflict prevention is essential to the maintenance of social order and a pre-requisite for governance
D.As the real world relevant to the existence of human beings is in a state of perpetual flux, attempting to study the same in a systematic manner would be meaningful despite reality itself having changed by then
E.There is no notion of time-space-invariant reality. There can be numerous realities both across times and across human cultures and civilizations.

Answer questions 2 to 4 on the basis of the information below.

Five reviews of the recently published novel, Caught in a Blizzard, are reproduced below. The reviews and the reviewers are identified as indicated by the numbers.

A.This novel can change your life – for the good, as it has changed It has made me reflect critically about my life.
B.The novel has become a popular piece of literature, more among the youth than among the older population
C.The author uses the plot in her novel to present her philosophy about life in a positive light, rather than relying on the merits of the philosophy per se.
D.The author is known to be a writer of great power. The intricate and captivating plots in her novels shows that she has a subtle and ingenious mind.
E.People have been jolted out of their beliefs about love and other different aspects of life after reading this novel

The options to the questions 2-4 are same as the reviews/reviewers indicated above.

2.There has been criticism about reviewers that they write reviews after having a cursory reading of the book in Based on the analysis of the different reviews, which reviewer is most likely to have read the book in greater detail as compared to the other reviewers?

3.Out the five reviews given, which one can be most objectively validated?

4.Which reviewer eulogises the author rather than critically reviews the novels?

5.“On a wing and a prayer the Indian team landed in Heathrow to take on their formidable opponents”.

From the above sentence it can be inferred that the Indian team was

A.high in spirits
B.well prepared
C.over confident
D.under prepared

6.It ___________not look like a great deal today, but back then it was a coup: no man before                                to import tea directly into Ireland.

The option that will best fill the blanks in the above sentences would be:

A.may, has dared
B.may, had dared
C.might, have dared
D.might, have ever dared
E.may, ever dared

7.”It was AC Milan’s success in Europe in the sixties that introduced the ‘libero’ as the Italian default and, a quarter of a century later, it was AC Milan’s success in Europe that killed it ”

Which of the following was not implied in the above sentence?

A.AC Milan was successful in Europe in the sixties with the help of a ‘libero’
B.AC Milan was successful in Europe in the late eighties without a ‘libero’
C.The ‘libero’ was an Italian default for almost a quarter of a century
D.AC Milan was not successful in Europe for almost a quarter of a century
E.The Italians seldom used a ‘libero’ since late eighties

8.Choose the odd one:

A.Chaos / Order
B.Fact / Fiction
C.Virtue / Vice
D.Study / Analyse
E.Light / Darkness

9.The 2001 census showed a sharp fall in the literacy rate compared to 1991, but an increase in the literacy rate by 2006 suggests that between 1991 and 2006 India progressed in terms of literacy rate.

Which of the following statements, if true, best refutes the above argument?

A.One of the causes of more literacy is the increased population growth rate
B.Although there was no census in 2006 the information about the literacy rate is reliable
C.Many of those who were illiterate in 2001 become literate by 2006
D.The rate of fall in literacy rate between 1991 and 2001 was more than the rate of rise in literacy rate between 2001 and 2006
E.The rise in literacy rate between 2001 and 2006 was due to persistent campaign on television and FM radio

10.Ravindra Dubey was guilty of embezzlement. It means that Ravindra Dubey____

A.did not pay his bills
B.misappropriated assets he was entrusted with
C.engaged in circulating black money in the economy
D.cheated on his spouse
E.misreported educational qualification

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1. Option c talks about the manner in which one can prevent conflicts and how maintaining a social order is a pre requisite for governance.

2. Option c

3. Option b

4. Option d

5. Option d

6. Option b

7. Option d

8. Option d. Rest are antonyms

9. Option d mathematically refutes the argument

10. Option b

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