In the next few articles, we will be covering commonly found grammar traps. These will help you crack sentence correction questions. Read these and be a grammar wizard!

Tip 13: Collective nouns wherein the group acts as one are considered to be singular. Example: The jury has agreed to review its decision.

Tip 14: Collective nouns wherein the group does not act as one are considered to be plural. Example: The audience were not happy with the verdict.

Tip 15: In case of organizations/teams, even if there is an additive in the name (and), it should be singular although, if the action suggests that a group of individuals took an action, it should be plural in form. Example: Mumbai Indians is one of most balanced outfits in the IPL. Mehta & Sons have decided to no longer be a part of the deal.

Tip 16: A noun that expresses an amount be it in terms of time, money, etc. is considered singular. Example: 100 meters is enough to figure out the fastest runner on the planet. Three months is enough time to prepare for CAT.

Tip 17: A part of the whole (ratios, majority, minority, etc.) will take a verb dependent on the nature of the whole. Example: Two-thirds of the interested students have turned up. A part of the office is closed.

Tip 18: If there is a phrase ‘The number’ in the sentence, it will take a singular verb, if there is a phrase ‘A number’ in the sentence, it will take a plural verb. Example: A number of students are missing from the class. The number of aspirants taking CAT has gone up in the last few years.

Tip 19: In case of the phrase ‘One of’, the verb usage depends completely on the phrase following ‘one of’. You have to ask the question ‘Who?’ or ‘What?’ to the verb and you should be sorted. Example: One of my dresses is missing from the cabinet. He is one of those who believe in the importance of hard work.

Tip 20: Relative pronouns (that, which, who) will take on the verb form of the subject that these pronouns refer to. This is similar to the case of ‘One of’.

Tip 21: Each, every, either, neither are always singular when they start the sentence. If they come in between, they will have an accompanying plural verb. Example: Each of you is expected to do well in CAT. Ten grams each of tea and cinnamon were required to make the potion.

Tip 22: All, any, more, most, some will depend on the phrase following of. If it is singular, the verb will take a singular form, if it is plural the verb will take a plural form.

Tip 23: The titles of publications are always singular

Tip 24: Anybody, everybody, nobody, somebody are always used in a singular context. Example: The state boys figure I’m too close to you to be what somebody calls ‘objective’.

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