The first step of preparation for any test starts with gaining knowledge about the syllabus. While CAT is an aptitude test with no specific syllabus whatsoever, over the last couple of decades, there have been visible trends and the areas that one should focus when one starts preparing for the test. To give you a fair idea of what all has to be covered in terms of CAT 2018 syllabus, we have prepared a post which you can refer to at each and every stage of your preparation. We will keep editing this list and add the link of the resources that might be of some help to your preparation. So, keep watching this space and bookmark this page (Ctrl + D) if you want to have all resources handily available.

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To begin with, the pattern and review of CAT 2015 and 2016 can be read by clicking on the following links

  1. Past CAT papers with key
  2. CAT 2015 pattern and changes
  3. CAT 2015 review: Slot 1 | Slot 2
  4. Read our CAT 2016 analysis here: Slot 1 | Slot 2
  5. CAT 2017 review
  6. CAT 2017 official paper with key Slot 1 (CAT_2017_Shift_1_QP_compress.pdf) | Slot 2 (Shift_2_CAT_2017_compress_QP.pdf)

A few strategy related articles that might be of help

Books to refer

Recommended books for Verbal

Recommended books for Quant

Remember that you would be solving close to 6-7k questions during the next 7 odd months (including mocks, sectionals, class notes, FB groups, etc.) leading to CAT and so, sticking to one book should be enough instead of piling on tonnes of material.

For DI LR, as there is no fixed syllabus as such and there could be puzzles based on application of logic based games (Sudoku, Tower of Hanoi, Fibonacci sequence, etc.), you cannot really cover all bases. For formal prep, previous year CAT papers, and mocks are the best source. To develop logic and give a direction to your thought process, you can try out George Summers’ book of puzzles or one or more of the Shakuntala Devi’s puzzle books. Am personally not a big fan of preparing DI LR from books as the questions are either too easy or insanely difficult in most of the cases leading to waste of time

Although there were 3 sections in CAT 2017 (Reading comprehension and Verbal ability, Data interpretation and Logical reasoning and Quantitative ability) and 2 in CAT 2011-14 (Quantitative ability and Data interpretation as the first section and Verbal ability and Logical reasoning as the second section), CAT 2018 syllabus would involve preparing for 4 sections/sub-sections in total:

Quantitative Ability

Click here to download all the important CAT Quant formulae and concepts.




Modern Maths


Data Interpretation

Logical Reasoning

  • Cubes
  • Blood relations
  • Simple arrangements
  • Complex arrangements
  • Syllogisms
  • Binary logic
  • Logical conditions
  • Input output based questions

Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability

For your GDPI prep, you can look at these resources:

Happy prepping!

Read our CAT 2016 analysis here: Slot 1 | Slot 2

Also, if you are a serious aspirant looking to create that difference to your prep, you are most welcome to join our closed group. Also, feel free to check out our downloads page for all the free resources that you would require.


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