cat 2015 analysis

CAT 2015 analysis

“For when the One Great Scorer comes
To mark against your name,
He writes – not that you won or lost –
But how you played the Game.”
– Grantland Rice

CAT 2015 wasn’t a surprise. Everyone knew beforehand that it would have 24 RC questions, 10 verbal questions, 16 LR and 16 DI questions and 34 quant questions. But people who walked in ‘assuming’ anything about ‘ideal attempts’ must be contemplating now whether they should have assumed anything in the first place. Let us go through the CAT 2015 analysis and see what should have and could have been done and what the cut offs might look like.

Read our CAT 2016 analysis here: Slot 1 | Slot 2

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Verbal and Reading Comprehension (CAT 2015 analysis – Slot 1)
Format: 24 RC questions. 10 Verbal questions

There were five passages with different number of questions on each of the passages. Passages weren’t that long, easy to read, and someone with a good reading speed and grasp should have been able to attempt almost all RC based questions. RCs had topics ranging from hydroelectricity and solar power; a passage from Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty; on Internet and writing and memory; on humanities and importance of studying literature. But yes, all of them were easy to read.

In the verbal part, there were 10 questions with 4 parajumbles, 3 summary based questions and 3 odd one out. All the questions in the verbal part were text-input based and hence, no negative marking. Ideally, one should have attempted all these questions. There wasn’t a single Grammar based question.

One could have attempted 16-18 in RC + 10 in Verbal = 26-28 in this section.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (CAT 2015 analysis – Slot 1)
Format: 16 LR questions. 16 DI questions.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation was the most difficult section of CAT 2015. Without doubt, the most difficult section. There were 4 sets, each in LR and DI. Out of the four sets in LR, three were MCQ based and one had text-input based questions. Questions were arrangements, selection of people based on conditions, performance of students in a puzzle solving competition, a 343 piece cube with digits on every cube question.

Out of the four sets in DI, three were MCQ based and one had text-input based questions. One was a straightforward graph based set. The others were installed capacity and capacity utilization with missing data, Work done by three people on three different jobs and orders, and set based questions.

In the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation part, one could have attempted 16 questions and should have tried for 4 more and pushed one’s luck. Anything above 20 questions out of 32 is a good attempt in this section, and if you have solved 6 sets out of the 8 sets, give yourself a pat on the back. LR DI will be a huge differentiating factor in CAT 2015.

Quantitative Ability (CAT 2015 analysis – Slot 1)
Format: 34 quant questions

In this section, questions ranged from easy to moderate with about 20 easy questions and 14 moderate to difficult questions. The best strategy for this section was to identify all the easy questions and attempt them before spending time on the moderate-difficult ones. There were quite a few ‘sitters’ from the fundamental concepts like average, ratio proportion, profit loss discount, mixtures and solutions, time and work, etc.

Candidates must have found the algebra, logarithm and graph-based questions a little difficult. But overall, one could have attempted 20 questions in this section and all the text input based questions.

Overall summary of CAT 2015 Analysis: (CAT 2015 analysis – Slot 1)
Verbal: 60+ marks
LRDI: 50+ marks
Quant: 60+ marks

For a well prepared and serious candidate, this is how a balanced scorecard can look. Hope you managed to play the game well. At the end of the day, it was just another test and we hope that you were able to do justice to the paper.

Edit: You can read the CAT 2015 Analysis – Slot 2 here.

Read our CAT 2016 analysis here: Slot 1 | Slot 2

Boost your CAT 2016 preparation by joining this group (for serious aspirants only)

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