After successfully completing the CAT 2016 sprint series, we are back with the SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – GK 6 to boost your prep. This will continue for the last 10 days leading to SNAP 2016 and will cover almost all the question types that you need to know come the 18th of December.

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – GK 6

1. Name the recently suspended President of South Korea.

a) Kim Dae-jung
b) Park Geun-hye
c) Roh Moo-hyun
d) Lee Myung-bak

2. Baiji is a functionally extinct species of which animal?

a) Dolphin
b) Kangaroo
c) Whale
d) Tiger

3. Who is the current Chief (Sarsanghchalak), of the Hindu nationalist organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)?

a) K. S. Sudarshan
b) M. S. Golwalkar
c) Rajendra Singh
d) Mohan Bhagwat

4. Shashikala Kakodkar, who passed away in October 2016, was a

a) Politician
b) Dancer
c) Musician
d) Painter

5. Which Bollywood personality can be associated with the brand SKULT?

a) Shahid Kapoor
b) Shraddha Kapoor
c) Salman Khan
d) Sanjay Kapoor

6. Niantic has developed which of the following games?

a) Angry Birds
b) Pokémon GO
c) Candy Crush
d) Temple Run

7. Who features in the commercials of Tata Motors?

a) Usain Bolt
b) Christiano Ronaldo
c) Lionel Messi
d) Andy Murray

8. Who is the current Chief Minister of Goa?

a) Manohar Parrikar
b) Laxmikant Parsekar
c) Digambar Kamat
d) Pratapsingh Rane

9. Who won the 2016 women’s Olympic gymnastics all-around, individual medal?

a) Aly Raisman
b) Aliya Mustafina
c) Gabrielle Douglas
d) Simone Biles

10. In September 2016, which company acquired Monsanto?

a) Bayer
b) Nabisco
d) Dow Chemical

11. Who was posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan award in 2016?

a) Bhupen Hazarika
b) Mario Miranda
c) Dhirubhai Ambani
d) Lakshmi Chand Jain

12. Who completed 20 years in India in November 2016 and ran a campaign ‘A lot has changed’ to mark the occasion?

a) McDonald’s
b) Pepsi
c) Coca-Cola
d) Ford

13. Cycle Agarbathies in 2015 roped in this superstar as brand ambassador. Identify.

a) Salman Khan
b) Amir Khan
c) Shah Rukh Khan
d) Amitabh Bachchan

14. Name the Chief Executive Officer of Visa Inc. who assumed position on December 1, 2016.

a) Charles Scharf
b) Alfred Kelly
c) Ryan McInerney
d) Kelly Tullier

15. In 2016, which actor featured in Pan Bahar ads?

a) Dennis Quaid
b) Daniel Craig
c) Pierce Brosnan
d) Sean Connery


1. B

2. A

3. D

4. A

5. A

6. B

7. C

8. B

9. D

10. A

11. C

12. A

13. D

14. B

15. C

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