After successfully completing the CAT 2016 sprint series, we are back with the SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – Quant 2 to boost your prep. This will continue for the last 10 days leading to SNAP 2016 and will cover almost all the question types that you need to know come the 18th of December.

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – Quant 2


1. A 14.4 kg gas cylinder runs for 104 hours when the smaller burner on the gas stove is fully opened while it runs for 80 hours when the larger burner on the gas stove is fully opened. Which of these values are closest to the percentage difference in the usage of gas per hour, of the smaller burner over the larger burner?

a. 26.23%
b. 30%
c. 32.23%
d. 23.07%

2. Study the questions and the statements given below. Decide whether any information provided in the statement(s) is redundant and/or can be dispensed with, to answer it. If 7 is added to numerator and denominator each of fraction a/b, will the new fraction be less than the original one?
Statement I: a = 73, b = 103
Statement II: The average of a and b is less than b
Statement III: a – 5 is greater than b – 5

a. II and either I or III
b. Only II or III
c. Any two of them
d. Any one of them

3. Coefficient of variation is useful to study

a. Risk
b. Disparity
c. Consistency
d. All of the above

4. A cyclist drove one kilometer, with the wind in his back, in three minutes and drove the same way back, against the wind in four minutes. If we assume that the cyclist always puts constant force on the pedals, how much time would it take him to drive one kilometer without wind?

a. 7/3
b. 24/7
c. 17/7
d. 43/7

5. A, B and C started a business by investing 1/2, 1/3rd and 1/6th of the capital respectively. After 1/3rd of the total time, A withdrew his capital completely and after 1/4th of the total time B withdrew his capital. C kept his capital for the full period. The ratio in which total profit is to be divided amongst the partners is

a. 1 : 2 : 1
b. 4 : 1 : 4
c. 2 : 1 : 2
d. 1 : 2 : 2

6. A number lock consists of 3 rings each marked with 10 different numbers. In how many cases the lock cannot be opened?

a. 310
b. 103
c. 30
d. 999

7. A person buys 18 local tickets for Rs. 110. Each first class ticket costs Rs. 10 and each second class ticket costs Rs. 3. What will another lot of 18 tickets in which the number of first class and second class tickets are interchanged cost?

a. 112
b. 118
c. 121
d. 124

8. A clock loses 12 minutes every 24 hours. It is set right at 7:25 p.m. on Monday. What will be the time when clock shows 1:45 p.m. the following day?
a. 1:20:35 p.m.
b. 1:35:50 p.m.
c. 1:25:35 p.m.
d. None of these

9. In a row at a bus stop, A is 7th from the left and B is 9th from the right. They both interchange their positions. A becomes 11th from the left. How many people are there in the row?

a. 18
b. 19
c. 20
d. 21

10. A merchant wants to make profit by selling foodgrains. Which of the following will maximize his profit?

1. Sell product at 30% profit
2. Increase the price by 15% over the cost price and reduce weight by 15%
3. Use 700 gm of weight instead of 1 kg
4. Mix 30% impurities in grains and sell it at cost price

a. III
b. II and I
c. II
d. All give the same profit

11. This question consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II. Decide whether the data given in the statements are sufficient to answer the question.What is the 57th number in a series of numbers?

I. Each number in the series is three more than the preceding number.
II. The tenth number in the series is 29.

a. The data in Statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question while the data in Statement II alone is not sufficient to answer the question
b. The data in Statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement I alone is not sufficient to answer the question
c. If the data either in Statement I or Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.
d. If the data in both Statements I and II together is necessary to answer the question

12. The cost of leveling and turfing a square field at Rs. 160 per hectare is Rs. 2624.40.The cost of surrounding it with a railing costing 25 paise per metre is:

a. Rs. 350
b. Rs. 375
c. Rs. 400
d. Rs. 405

13. When the Sun ray’s inclination increases from 30° to 60°, the length of the shadow of a tower decreases by 60 m. Find the height of the tower.

a. 50.9 m
b. 51.96 m
c. 48.8 m
d. None of these

14. The 288th term of the sequence a, b, b, c, c, c, d, d, d, is

a. u
b. v
c. w
d. x

15. The inequality of p^2 + 5 < 5p + 14 can be satisfied if:

a. p < 6, p > -1
b. p = 6, p = -2
c. p < 6, p < 1
d. p > 6, p = 1

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1. (14.4/80 – 14.4/104)/(14.4/80) = 24/104 = 23.07%. Option d.

2. We have to simply answer it as a yes/no question. Now, if we look at statement I, we can easily figure out the answer to the question. So, statement I is enough in itself and so, the other two statements have to be redundant. As only option c satisfies, that is our answer. We can check for the other two statements as well if we feel like but in a speed based test, it doesn’t really matter.

Statement II: a + b > 2b or a > b is enough as if we add 7 to both the numerator and denominator, it will add more to the numerator than to the denominator and so, I and III will be redundant.

Statement III: a – 5 > b – 5 and so, a > b and so, I and II will be redundant.

You could have easily saved some time by skipping the above two steps. Option c.

3. COV is to check for all the given parameters. The fact that consistency and disparity is there in the options would strongly point towards both of them being included in the answer. Option d.

4. 3(c+w) = 4(c-w) = 1 and so, c = 7w. So, c = 7/24 km/hr and so, to cover 1 km, he takes 24/7 hours.

5. Let’s take numbers here. Total investment be Rs. 120. A put in 60, B put in 40, C put in 20 for say the duration of 1 year. A invested it for 4 months and so, 240 units worth of investment, similarly B put in 120 units of capital. At this point in time, you can check for options and mark option c.

If you check though, C put in 240 units and so, we have proven that option c is right.

6. Total combinations are 1000. Out of these, exactly 1 is correct. So, 999 are wrong. Option d.

7. f + s = 18, 10f + 3s = 110. f = 8 and s = 10. If the tickets are interchanged, we get Rs. 124 as our answer. Option d.

8. 18 hours and 20 minutes have passed. If it loses 12 minutes in 24 hours, it loses 9 minutes in 18 hours. If it loses 0.5 minutes = 30 seconds in 1 hour, it loses 10 seconds in 20 minutes. So, it loses 9 minutes and 10 seconds. So, it will show 1:35:50 pm. Option b.

9. 11th from the left is 9th from the right. Total of 19 people. Option b.

10. Statement 1: 30% profit

Statement 2: 85 g at Rs. 115. So, 100 g at 2300/17 = 135.xx

Statement 3: 700 g at Rs. 1000. So, 1000 g at 10000/7 = 1428.xx

Statement 4: 1000 g at Rs. 1300. So, 30% profit

Option a.

11. We need both the statements to answer the question. Option d.

12. Area of square = 2624.40/160 = 164 hectares. 1 hectare is 10000 sq.m. So, side of the square is √164025 = 405 m. As there are 4 sides and Rs. ¼ per m, we the answer as Rs. 405. Option d.

13. In the first case, the length of the shadow will be h√3 and in the second case, it will be h/√3. As the difference is 60, we get h = (60√3)/2 = 51.96 m. Option b.

14. 1 + 2 + 3 + … should be =< 288.

n(n+1) =< 576

n = 23 and so, it should be the 24th alphabet i.e. x. Option d.

15. Putting values should help if you are not comfortable with factorization. p = 7 violates the inequality and so, option d is out. p = 5 satisfies and so, option b is out. p = -2 violates the inequality and so, option c is out. Option a is correct.

Note that this was classified as an ambiguous question because it does not really satisfy the inequality.

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