For our success stories segment, we interviewed Vyoma Kesharwala who is joining Goa Institute of Management (MBA, 2018-20). In this candid interview, Vyoma talks about her preparation journey, her background and interests, and why she chose GIM.

Vyoma, for the benefit of our readers, share your profile with us.

My name is Vyoma and I am from Mumbai. I come from a commerce background and I graduated in the year 2015 from Jai Hind College, Mumbai. After completing my MCom Part 1, I worked for a year in the field of Human Resources. My role was of a recruitment consultant for clients in the luxury, media and advertising vertical. My forte and experience in this field inspired me to pursue a management degree where I could enhance my skills.

Tell us about your extra-curricular achievements and hobbies.

During my days in Jai Hind college, I had actively participated in different kinds of activities. I was an active member of the National Entrepreneurship Network and also completed the advance certificate course in college. Organizing and participating in events was the highlight during my college days. I was the class representative and a member of e-commerce committee. Apart from my co-curricular activities, I had a passion for reading newspaper articles and watching documentaries (This actually helped me during my interview process at GIM) Travelling and sports are my other hobbies that I pursued.

When did you decide to do MBA and why? When did you start your preparation?

I decided to do my MBA when I was completing MCom first year. My work experience in the field of HR convinced me to take up a core degree that would enhance my skills and eventually specialize in the field of Human Resources. I stared preparing after quitting my job in 2017 from the month of June.

Did you join any coaching institute? Do you think coaching is required?

Yes definitely. I did join Learningroots through a reference I got from my friend. I was looking for a class where there wouldn’t be too many students like the other coaching classes. Since my weakness was the quant section, I needed a sense of direction in my study plan for the coming months. Honestly I feel that for a student like me, it is very important to join a coaching class. I actually got most of my basics cleared through Learningroots classroom lectures and also the online videos. I am a hard working person but at the same time, the coaching class provided me with the right direction. It felt as if I was mentored personally since I could call or message my sirs anytime of the day with any kind of queries.

How many months did you prepare for? Can you take us through your schedule?

I started preparing from the month of May. I quit my job and dedicated the next 8-9 months for my preparation. I paid extra attention and dedicated the majority of my time to quant section. As guided by my sir, I started working on my basics and solving level 1 questions for the next few months. I would start and end my day by reading some passages or articles to keep in touch with verbal. I also kept a book with me which I filled with new words that would be important for my exams.

My last few months were exclusively dedicated to mocks and analyzing. Analysis was a key to go ahead and I made sure I gave proper time for it. The questions posted on Facebook on a day to day basis balanced up the other topics and chapters. It kept me in sync with the portion and momentum. I took all the exams as I wanted to be open about the colleges. I scored 97 percentile in CMAT and got a call from GIM through my CMAT score.

Can you tell us more about GIM?

The Goa Institute of Management is located in the Sanquelim district of Goa. It offers a PGDM course with a specialisation in Finance, HR, Marketing and Operations. The students can also choose a minor along with the major in the second year. The PGDM course offers 240 students and is known for the gender ratio of 1:1. It is an Institute that focuses a lot on diversity among the students.

The process of GIM goes like this: After shortlisting candidates based on their scores, Group Discussion and Personal Interview is conducted. According to my experience, the GD is usually on the current affairs topic of that year. Everybody was given a chance to speak once and conclude as well. The personal interview was more intense. Questions were asked from anything under the roof and also from the GD topic that was discussed. I noticed that my academic scores and extra curricular activities along with general knowledge topics were given a lot of weightage during my personal interview.

Any tips for applicants?

I believe that hard work and being motivated throughout the preparation is the key to success. Do not lose touch with any of the subjects especially quant and Logical reasoning. Make sure you plan your weekly schedule and meet the targets you have set. Mocks and analyzing them is also very essential and do not delay the preparation. Be motivated and balance your studies.

What are your future plans?

I want to take everything as it comes and I see myself working hard in GIM and build on my personality and skills as a future manager. I will look forward to working in a company where my profile and skills would be challenged.

It was great talking to you, Vyoma! We wish you all the best! Thanks! 🙂

End of interview.

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