For our success stories segment, we interviewed Sailee Tilekar who is joining Symbiosis Institute of International Business, Pune (MBA, 2018-20). In this candid interview, Sailee talks about her preparation journey, her background and interests, and why she chose SIIB.

Sailee Tilekar SIIBSailee, for the benefit of our readers, share your profile with us.

My name is Sailee Tilekar. I am an IT engineer from VJTI, Mumbai. After completing my graduation, I worked for 16 months with Accenture on Robotic Process Automation Project.

Tell us about your extra-curricular achievements and hobbies.

I enjoy Swimming. I am an avid follower of Cricket and Tennis. During MBA preparation, I started following national and international events and news and this newly formed habit helped me tremendously during GDPI.

When did you decide to do MBA and why? When did you start your preparation?

After working for one year, I decided to go for MBA because I personally thought that the kind of work I was doing was one-dimensional in nature. I wanted to take a leap to the next level. So, I started preparing for MBA entrance tests.

Did you join any coaching institute? Do you think coaching is required?

Yes, I had joined Learningroots classroom program. I personally feel coaching is required because the mentors are the ones who have been there, done that and guide throughout the preparation.

Did you have any advantage because of your engineering background?

Yes. Engineering background does give an added advantage as one does not lose touch with Mathematics. So, all the basics of Quant and Data Interpretation are known so one does not need to start from scratch.

How many months did you prepare for? Can you take us through your schedule?

While I was working, it was for a couple of hours daily and around 6-7 hours on weekends. I had targeted 3 tests – CET, SNAP, and NMAT. I practiced a lot of Logic and Quant problems.

What material did you use?

Learningroots classroom material, Books by Nishit Sinha, and Learningroots GK material.

What were your strengths and areas of improvements during preparation and mock phase?

Logic was my strength whereas Verbal was my weak area. Solving RCs and grammar questions daily helped a lot. I also used the Vocabulary Builder App of Magoosh. I solved around 15 mocks for NMAT and SNAP and around 50 Mocks for CET. I think practice is the key to crack these tests and the more you practice, the better it is.

Can you elaborate your preparation a bit?

No matter where I scored good or bad marks in mocks, I made it a point to do mock analysis. I used to go through all the questions. Even if the question attempted was right, I did not want to miss any trick or better approach for solving that question. This really helped me as it gave me different ways of solving questions.

Can you tell us more about the SIIB process?

After clearing the SNAP cutoff, one has to apply to various institutes under Symbiosis. Once you get the call, you appear for the process. A Writing Ability Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview is the process.

Why did you choose SIIB?

If one needs to pursue a career in International Business, SIIB is one of the best options. Along with that, SIIB is a premier b-school in the country. I think the course here will provide global exposure and good industry interaction.

Any tips for applicants?

Each and every test would require different strategy and plan to crack it. Don’t depend on any one exam and give all the tests. Mock analysis is extremely important. Prepare well for GD-PI because most of the students neglect that part and hence are not able to convert even after getting good scores. If possible work on your resume side by side during preparation as it would give you bonus points if CV is good. Be confident that you can achieve it.

What are your future plans?

I am planning to make the most of the next two years at SIIB 🙂

It was great talking to you, Sailee! We wish you all the best! Thanks! 🙂

End of interview.

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