After successfully completing the CAT 2016 sprint series, we are back with the SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – Reasoning 1 to boost your prep. This will continue for the last 10 days leading to SNAP 2016 and will cover almost all the question types that you need to know come the 18th of December.

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series – Reasoning 1


1. A band passes around all the wheels so that they can all be turned by the driving wheel. In which direction will the driving wheel B turn?


a. Clockwise
b. Cannot move
c. Anti-clockwise
d. Either way

2. In a certain language, (A) ‘Sun shines brightly’ is written as ‘ba lo sul’; (B) ‘Houses are brightly lit’ is written as ‘kado udo ari ba’; and (C) ‘Light comes from sun’ as ‘dapi kup lo nro’. What words will be written for ‘sun’ and ‘brightly’?

a. lo, ba
b. ba, lo
c. sul, lo
d. ba, sul

3. Given are the following three equations


How many circles are equivalent to a square, as per the ratios in the three given equations?

a. 5 circles
b. 4 circles
c. 3 circles
d. 2 circles

4. Each child in a family has at least 4 brothers and 3 sisters. What is the smallest number of children the family might have?

a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 10

5. In the following question, two statements are followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Assume the two statements to be true even if they are at variance with commonly known facts. Then pick the correct answer from the choices given below.
A. Only conclusion I follows
B. Only conclusion II follows
C. Both conclusions I & II follow
D. Neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows

Statements: Some doctors are fools. Joshi is a doctor.

I. Joshi is a fool.
II. Some fools are doctors.

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D

6. Debu walks towards the east then towards North and turning 45° right walks for a while and lastly turns towards left. In which direction is he walking now?

a. North
b. East
c. South-East
d. North-West

Directions for questions 7 to 9: Answer the following questions based on the information given below.

1. There is a rectangular wooden block of length 4 cm, height 3 cm and breadth 3 cm
2. The two opposite surfaces of 4 cm x 3 cm are painted yellow on the outside.
3. The other two opposite surfaces of 4 cm x 3 cm are painted red on the outside.
4. The remaining two surfaces of 3 cm x 3 cm are painted green on the outside.
5. Now, the block is cut in such a way that cubes of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm are created.

7. How many cubes will have only one color?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 14
d. 18

8. How many cubes will have no color?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 4
d. 8

9. How many cubes will have any two colors?

a. 34
b. 24
c. 16
d. 12

10. Read the following about the grid given below and answer:

– The cells in this grid contain the digits 1 to 9 in random order.
– Column A contains no odd digits.
– Cell C3 minus Cell C2 equals 4
– The sum of three digits in Row 1 is 17
– Number 7 is in Column B; its left hand neighbour is not 4
– The digits of Column C add up to 14
– 2 is not in the same horizontal row as 8; and 9 is not immediately below 3.

Which cell holds the number 9?

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series - Reasoning 1

a. B1
b. B3
c. C2
d. C1

11. Replace the question mark with the right option

4, 32, 288, ?, 31680

a. 25600
b. 2880
c. 7420
d. 10000

12. In the Sunday bazzar, Jamuna sells her lemons at Rs. 0.50 for two. Her neighbour Seema has smaller lemons; she sells hers at Rs. 0.50 for three. After a while, when both ladies have the same number of lemons left, Seema is called away. She asks her neighbour to take care of her goods. To make things simple, Jamuna puts all lemons in one big pile, and starts selling five lemons per rupee. When Seema returns, at the end of the day, all lemons have been sold. But when they start dividing the money, there appears to be a shortage of Rs.3.50. Supposing they divide the money equally, how much does Jamuna lose with this deal?

a. 10.50
b. 11.50
c. 42.00
d. 52.50

13. There are two cups, one containing orange juice and one containing an equal amount of lemonade.One teaspoon of the orange juice is taken and mixed with the lemonade. Then a teaspoon of this mixture is mixed back into the orange juice. Is there more lemonade in the orange juice or more orange juice in the lemonade?

a. More orange juice in the lemonade.
b. More lemonade in the orange juice
c. Equal amount of each juice between the two cups
d. None of the above

14. Consider the statement and decide which of the assumptions are implicit:

“In the present period of economic hardships, education and small family norm may lead the nation to progress and prosperity”

a. Education and small family norm are directly related to a nation’s progress family norm
b. Big families find it difficult to bear the cost of education.

a. Only A is implicit
b. Only B is implicit
c. Both A and B are implicit
d. Neither A nor B is implicit

15. Fill in the blanks to find out two words that are synonyms

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series - Reasoning 1
a.KS, ST
b.MS, NT
c.ST, DN

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1. The wheel B will not move at all as the band does not seem to cover the entire circumference of B.

2. From A and B, we get that ‘brightly’ corresponds to ‘ba’, from A and C, we get that ‘sun’ corresponds to ‘lo’. So, correct option is a.

3. Let a square be represented by s, a circle by c, a triangle by t and a diamond by d. So,

s + c = t

s = c + d

2t = 3d

On solving the 3 equations, we get

2s + 2c = 3d

3s = 3c + 3d

2s + 2c = 3s – 3c OR s = 5c. Option a.

4. If there is a say a child x, then it should have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. If x is a boy, there should be 5 boys and 3 girls at least and if x is a girl, there should be 4 boys and 4 girls in the family at least. We take the upper limit in both the cases and so, we will need 5 boys and 4 girls. Option c.

5. Some doctors are fools and so, Joshi might be outside the common set of doctors who are fools. But as some doctors are fools, there has to be at least one person who is both a doctor and a fool. So, conclusion II follows.

6. The correct answer would be north-west.

7. The cubes that are exclusively on the face of the cuboid will be painted with only one colour. So, (2 + 2 + 1)*2 = 10 cubes.

8. (4 – 2)(3 – 2)(3 – 2) = 2 cubes.

9. The cubes that lie along the edges will satisfy the criterion. So, total cubes (36) – corner cubes (8) – interior cubes (2) – face cubes (10) = 16 will have two colours on their faces.

10. The only feasible solution will be:

SNAP 2016 sprint preparation series - Reasoning 1

B3 should be the answer.

11. Successively increasing multiples: *8, *9, *10 and so on. So, the answer will be 2880.

12. Let the lemons remaining with each of them be 12x. So, It would have given Jamuna, Rs. 3x. Also, it would have given Seema Rs. 2x. So, a total of Rs. 5x should have been received had they sold them individually. However, because of what Jamuna did, there were 24x lemons and so, she would have sold them for Rs. 4.8x.

5x – 4.8x = 3.5

0.2x = 3.5

x = 17.5

Jamuna received 2.4x instead of 3x and so, the difference is 0.6x which will be Rs. 10.5.

13. It’s probably better to do this with numbers if you are not comfortable with visualizing situations. Let’s say the cups measure 100 units and we have transferred 10 units using the teaspoon. So, in the first case, we will have 10 units orange juice and 100 units lemonade. If we take 10 units from this again, we will have 10/11 units of orange juice and 100/11 units of lemonade that are being transferred. So, the first vessel will have 100/11 units of orange juice and the second vessel will have 100/11 units of lemonade. So, option c is correct.

14. None of the assumptions is implicit. The first statement hints at a sure relationship when the question statement suggests a probability and so, is not correct. Statement b is a bit far fetched.

15. Immodest and indecent are the two words. Option d is correct.

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