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#LRDIoftheDay #46 A set on combinations

Mr. Incredible, in a fit of rage damaged his office premises. An enquiry followed and it was decided that he would have to repair the damage done. As a part of this ordeal, he had to visit the market to get 5 kg of cement. He found out that there were 10 shops selling a different variety of cement and that each seller had a fixed quantity with him/her and a buyer was supposed to either buy the entire amount or not buy anything. The following tables provide information about the cost price (in Rs/kg) and the total worth (in Rs.) of the cement in each of the 10 shops.

1. How many distinct combinations of shops exist from which Mr. Incredible can by 5 kg of cement?

2. What can be the minimum possible amount (in Rs.) Mr. Incredible must pay to buy 5 kg of cement?

3. If the cost price of the cement at shop number 10 is reduced by Rs.11 per kg (the amount of cement at shop number 10 remains the same), then what is the difference between the maximum and the minimum amount Mr. Incredible can pay to buy 5 kg of cement?

4. Which of the following statement(s) is/are definitely true?

I. If Mr. Incredible buys cement from shop numbers 1, 3 and 9, then he will have to pay the maximum amount to buy 5 kg of cement.

II. If Mr. Incredible buys cement from shop number 3, then he will have to buy cement from shop numbers 4 and 9 as well.

a. Only I

b. Only II

c. I and II

d. Neither I nor II

The solution

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