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#LRDIoftheDay #23 Slightly difficult

To identify the best players of Clash Royale and to encourage good players reach the next level, there was a CCGS tournament that was conducted. There were several players who participated in the tournament. Each player was categorised as either a ‘Master’ or a ‘Noob’. A ‘Noob’ would immediately turn ‘Master’ once he had played exactly 3 matches with ‘Master’ players in the tournament. There were 3 rounds in the tournament. At the end of Round 3 it was found that each player had now turned a ‘Master’. No player left the tournament before the completion of Round 3.

The following table provides the information about the number of matches played in each round and the number of ‘Master’ and ‘Noob’ players at the beginning of each round.

Here, X, Y, A, B, P and Q represent missing values in the table.

Further, the following information is given below:

i. Each match involved one ‘Master’ and one ‘Noob’ player.

ii. It is not necessary that each player played a match in every Round.

iii. At the end of Round 1, the number of ‘Noob’ players was half of the number of ‘Master’ players.

iv. There were exactly 3 more ‘Master’ players at the beginning of Round 2 as compared to the beginning of Round 1.

1. How many matches were played in the tournament? If you cannot determine the number of matches uniquely, type in 0 as your answer.

2. What can be the maximum possible difference between any two possible values of Q?

3. Which of the following cannot be TRUE?

I. P – Q = 4

II. P – Q = 6

III.P – Q = 3

a. Only I

b. Only II

c. Only III

d. Both II and III

The solution

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