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#LRDIoftheDay #18

A car starts moving along a straight line in the North direction at t = 0 seconds. The speed–time graph for the car is given below for the first 15 seconds in which it covers a total distance of 320 metres.

The bar chart given below shows the distance covered by the car in the next 15 seconds.

The speed–time curve for the car is a straight line in the time intervals 0–5 seconds, 5–10 seconds, 10–15 seconds, 15–20 seconds, 20–25 seconds and 25–30 seconds

1. What is the speed (in m/s) of the car at t = 15 seconds?

2. What is the speed (in m/s) of the car at t = 30 seconds?

3. What is the average speed (in m/s) of the car between t = 8 seconds and t = 24 seconds?

If you cannot determine a unique answer to any question, mark x as your answer.

The solution:

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