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#LRDIoftheDay #17

Games and Tournaments it is! The set has been put up here for better visibility:

Seven players A, B, C, D, E, F and G participate in a Chess tournament in which each player plays exactly once against each of the other six players. The tournament starts on Monday, finishes on Wednesday and an equal number of matches is played on all the three days. None of the matches ends in a draw and all the players win a distinct number of matches in the tournament. Some of the observations made on each day are given below:


• F loses to C, D, E and G.
• Only one player, who is not C, wins more than one match on Monday.


• B wins against C, D and E.
• E loses to A and C.
• G wins exactly two matches on Tuesday.


• G loses to B but wins against A and C.
• D wins against C and E.
• F loses to A and B.

1. Who wins the highest number of matches in the tournament?

(a) C

(b) A

(c) D

(d) B

2. Who wins more than one match on Monday?

(a) D

(b) B

(c) A

(d) Cannot be determined

3. Popat, an avid Chess buff, watched all the matches of the tournament except the ones that took place on Monday. How many times did he see either B or D winning a match?

4. On how many days during the tournament does at least one player win more than two matches?

The solution:

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