When it comes to CAT prep, there is this one thing that we tell all our students: If you learn a concept, you can solve a single question type but if you solve a question, you will be able to build multiple concepts at once. CAT tests the ability to apply your conceptual knowledge and the best way to build your application is by solving quality questions.

With this in mind, we are starting a new CAT 2017 Intensive batch. What’s special about this course? Read on to find it out

Q.1 Who will be taking these sessions?

All the sessions will be taken by Learningroots founders. We have aced all the national level MBA entrance tests. Just to highlight some of our achievements:

Dr. Shashank Prabhu (CAT 100, IIFT 100, SNAP 100, NMAT 249, CET 99.99 & AIR 1)
Sriram Krishnan (GMAT 760, Four time CAT 99.5+, CAT VA 99.98, CET 99.99 & AIR 3)
Prasad Sawant (CAT 99.92, CAT LRDI 99.93, MAT 99.99, CET 99.99 & AIR 9)

You will be learning from the best mentors, from people who have been there, done that!

Q.2 When and where will these sessions be conducted?

These are classroom sessions and will be conducted every Saturday for three hours in Mumbai. We will be starting from the 12th of August and continue till 11th of November. You can find our address here.

Q.3 Can you share what’s going to be covered in these sessions?

All the enrolled students will get access to following things:

  • 28 Classroom sessions (session plan below)
  • Online video course covering all the concepts (70+ videos worth more than 1500 minutes worth of solid, organized content. Watch a demo session here)
  • Classroom handouts (compilation of 3000+ CAT level questions)

In every classroom session, we will solve CAT level questions. Students are expected to watch the online videos before the sessions so that they can focus exclusively on quality problem solving.

Q.4 Can you share the session plan?

This is the session plan. We have 14 sessions of Quant, 8 sessions of LRDI, and 8 sessions of VARC.

Date Session 1 Session 2
12/08/17 Numbers 1 Data Interpretation 1
19/08/17 Grammar Logical Reasoning 1
26/08/17 Numbers 2 Reading Comprehension 1
02/09/17 Arithmetic 1 Paragraph Completion
09/09/17 Arithmetic 2 Data Interpretation 2
16/09/17 Geometry 1 Logical Reasoning 2
23/09/17 Geometry 2 Critical Reasoning
30/09/17 TSD, TW 1 Reading Comprehension 2
07/10/17 TSD, TW 2 Data Interpretation 3
14/10/17 Algebra 1 Logical Reasoning 3
21/10/17 Algebra 2 Parajumbles
28/10/17 Modern Math 1 Data Interpretation 4
04/11/17 Paragraph Summary Logical Reasoning 4
11/11/17 Modern Math 2 CAT Strategy

Q.5 Is this batch for me? 

This batch is ideal for those who want to boost their score through rigorous question solving and test taking. The questions solved will be a mix of easy level, moderate level, and difficult level and will be immensely useful when it comes to understanding the level of the test and making a strategy to do justice to the test. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 9969789521.

Q.6 Are there any discounts?

Regarding discounts, yes! We are offering discounts on the basis of past CAT score and academic record. Do get in touch with us to know these details.

Q.7 I’m not from Mumbai 🙁 How can I benefit from Learningroots offerings?

Ah! Don’t worry. We have an online course. You can check the details here.

Q.8 I’m ready to join! How should I proceed?

Register yourself through any of the following modes before 30th of July and we will get back:

Google form: Click here to register
Email: contact@learningroots.in
WhatsApp: Ping us on 9969789521

For any queries, contact us on 9969789521 or drop us a mail.

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