It is popularly said that, if you want something that you have never had, you should be willing to do what you have never done. An important learning from the 2016-17 season was that, serious aspirants are looking for quality prep options and these create a big difference in the final outcome. Sample this:

  1. Post CAT 2016, almost all the institutes predicted a cutoff of 150/300. Eventually, the score required for a 99th percentile was around the 170 mark
  2. Post XAT 2017, everyone predicted the 99th percentile to be around 32-33 marks. When the results came out, 32 marks corresponded to roughly 92 percentile

A lot of aspirants feel that simply joining groups and solving questions from popular material will make them stand apart. But if there are thousands doing the same thing, there is hardly a difference made to your prep. So, think hard about this fact: if it is easy for you, it is easy for everyone else too. Another lot of aspirants simply join institutes with the HOPE that they will give you a jar of seriousness and probably a brain transplant to go along with. What you get in return is a failure to finish off basic syllabus and a give-us-your-money-and-we-forget-you driven franchises. What better way to create a difference to your prep than to address these gaps?

So, to make sure you stay on track and get the best possible support, we are launching the Best Online Coaching Program – Crack CAT 2017 with CAT Toppers. Don’t believe us? Read along.

CAT 2017 Online Course

What do you get?

  1. Access to live online sessions and the recordings which will be accessible till XAT 2018
  2. A total of 60 sessions which will make sure you finish your syllabus before July 2017
  3. 100 hours plus worth of highly curated and exclusive content to make sure your prep stands apart from the rest of the population
  4. Dibs on the post-July 2017 marathon in case you want to further your relationship with us (details to be revealed later)

A few highlights of the course:

1. The entire course will be delivered online in a live format from 9 – 10.15 pm thrice a week

2. A total of 60 sessions (amounting to more than 100 hours) that will cover all the aspects of theory that one can expect in CAT 2017 packed with shortcuts and hat tips that set you apart

3. The entire syllabus will be wrapped up by 20th of July (around the time the CAT 2017 notification will be out) so that you can take mocks without worrying about completion of syllabus. The syllabus will be paced in such a manner that you can learn steadily even if you do not have any mathematical/verbal background

4. Timely support with regard to improving preparation and test-taking strategy, resources, motivation and career guidance in general

5. Access to 10 full length mock tests prepared by CAT toppers (and when we say toppers, we genuinely mean it. Read here about us to know more)

6. Dedicated Whatsapp group where we will be putting up quality questions everyday so that you are focused and driven throughout; nothing spells success in CAT better than a group of motivated aspirants and mentors

7. All sessions will be personally conducted by the founders (ergo, no extra moolah to be spent to get access to better faculty; you either learn from the best or not learn at all):

  • Shashank Prabhu: CAT 100 %ile, CET Rank 1 (2010 and 2016), SNAP 2016 and NMAT 2016 topper, IIFT 100 %ile (2015 and 2016), 99.95+ in every XAT attempt, MBA from FMS, Delhi
  • Sriram Krishnan: 5-time CAT 99 %iler, CET 2011 99.99 %ile (Rank 5), GMAT 760 (99th %ile), MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai
  • Prasad Sawant: CAT 99.92 %ile, CET 2009 99.99 %ile (Rank 9), MAT 99.99%ile (800/800), MBA from JBIMS, Mumbai

8. All the sessions will be recorded and shared with you in case you want to revise the concepts or if you miss a class

What happens post July 2017?

Stay tuned. We have another awesome offering planned for you. Details out in a few days!

Why should you join us?

  1. The strongest faculty that you will get. Period. Personal attention (yes, even for online sessions), easy access to mentors and 24*7 support
  2. Learn from the comfort of your home; no part time faculty members who will forget you and your queries as soon as you step out of the class; once you join us, you are our responsibility
  3. Seamless delivery of sessions for a small batch so that there is no loss of communication owing to the medium of delivery; your sessions will be same as the ones you get at your institute but at a lower cost and of higher quality
  4. Instant addressal of doubts during the session; the sessions will be fairly interactive

A few suggestions if you are thinking on these lines:

  1. All this is hokum; we don’t need to spend any money. There are a lot of free resources available (read FB groups) and faculty members and toppers teaching for free (Remember the golden rule: TANSTAAFL and that even we run one of the more illustrious FB groups out there; as far as the topper bait goes, beware of liars and fake mentors. There are many out there, trust us!)
  2. I will spend more and join an institute that churns out fifty 100%ilers (Remember that 50 out of 20000 are the 100%ilers who didn’t need a lot of help and had probably enrolled for their mock test series; the bit that should concern you is what happens to the next 19950?)
  3. I know basic maths and English and so, do not need anything else (we won’t contest that; what we would advise is, take a mock, have a good look at your strengths and weaknesses and then take a call)
  4. Others have bigger, better and more expensive ads and/or pretty spammers (well, if you still fall for that, we don’t know what to say)

If you are not convinced yet, you may read testimonials written by a few of our happy students. Carve your success story with us!

How to enroll?

We have segregated our online courses section wise. Though we encourage you to go for the entire online course, if you want a specific module, we have made that option available. To enroll, just click on the link of the course and proceed with online payment. Once you make the payment, you will be given access to online sessions.

Check out all the courses here.

See you on the 20th of March 🙂

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